Luca Zanner
I'm an Camera Operator based in Munich, Germany.
Since I was nine it's always been my dream to become a director of photography. 
In 2019 I successfully finished my Cinematography Degree at the "Bayrische Akademie für Fersehen und Digitale Medien" (Bavarian Academy of Television).
Since Fall of 2019 I'm working as a fulltime Freelance Camera Assistant for the Bayrsicher Rundfunk (Bavarian Televison).
Since then I've been working on noumerous TV-Productions from ENG-Teams up to focus pulling on large scenic productions (Selection of Productions in my CV). 
Since 2021 I'm working as a part time 1st Assistant Camera for Constantin Television GmbH on the TV show "Dahoam is Dahoam".
Feel free to contact me for potential projects.