Luca Zanner
I'm an Camera Operator based in Munich, Germany.
Since I was nine it's always been my dream to become a director of photography. 
In 2014 I've participated in an exchange program with an American High School in Fort Myers, Florida. Where I  filmed and directed a live broadcasting News Show.

I finished my Abitur in June 2017. Shortly after that I started saving money for traveling and further education by working as an assistant graphic designer in the marketing department of the Tiba Managementberatung GmbH.
In 2018 I've traveled for three months through the southern part Africa and discovered the wonders of wildlife photography.
Since Spring of 2019 I've been working with Agrobs GmbH (Horse feed company) to produce productvideos for thier social media Channels.
In 2019 I successfully finished my Cinematography Degree at the "Bayrische Akademie für Fersehen und Digitale Medien" (Bavarian Academy of Television).
Since Fall of 2019 I'm working as a permanent Freelance Camera Assistant for the Bayrsicher Rundfunk (Bavarian Televison).
Since then I've been working on noumerous TV-Productions from ENG-Teams up to focus pulling on large scenic productions (Selection of Productions in my CV). 
Feel free to contact me for potential projects.